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How Much Does It Cost to Replace My Roof - What You Need to Know About Home Insurance

When your roof has been affected by hail and wind damage – or anything else Mother Nature wants to throw your way! – it’s important to get your home insurance involved in your roof repairs right away. And when it comes to making those complicated insurance claims to replace your roof, time is definitely of the essence.

So if you’re using your home insurance, how much will it cost you to replace your roof? By using the tips and techniques below, you won’t have to pay a single dime – because your home insurance will cover it all for you!

1. First, it’s important to contact a local roofing company to assess the amount of damage your roof has sustained. Remember, many insurance companies won’t accept your claim unless it’s been backed by a contractor. The best companies usually provide free insurance consultations, provided that you hire them to do the repairs afterwards. This helps to hold the adjuster & the insurance company accountable to you, which may now be very knowledgeable about the roof damage. The roofer will probably ask you to sign an agreement that if your roof need to be completely replaced you will use them, cheque them out carefully in advance. Make sure that they've been in business as a roofer in your area for quite awhile, so you can be sure they're reputable.

2. Once you’ve submitted a claim, the claim adjuster will come to your home or business to assess the amount of damage that’s been done. While this may seem unnecessary – especially if your home or business roof is on the verge of collapsing! - this step occurs to prevent any kind of home insurance fraud from taking place.

3. Once the claim adjuster has signed off on the damage, you, the adjuster and the contractor will work together to create a budget that’s need to make your roof look like brand new again.

4. And finally, when the budget has been approved by your home insurance, you can hire your professional roofing and construction company for the work. Best of all, you can just sit back and relax – depending on your home insurance policy, you may have to pay a penny of it! However, insurance deductibles for major roofing and roof repair vary from $500, $1000, and as much as $5,000.

Remember, having a professional roofing and construction company by your side can make the home insurance claim process much easier!

Note: If your roof is totaled, many insurance companies give you a replacement cost that's actually 15-20% lower than the actual replacement cost. While you can find a roofer that'll do this, you'll probably get what you pay for. By working with the roofer on the front end, they can negotiate with the insurance company to get the full replacement value. In addition, most insurance companies are holding back "depreciation". This is no prorating your roof, this is money that'll be paid to roof replacement after the work is completed. If you find a roofer to lowball price, not only you probably have a worse outcome, but you also allow the insurer to keep your money. Depreciation is for money to spend on repairs on your home, so use it to get the best job done.

Southern Construction and Roofing will give you an estimate to tell you how much it cost to replace roof, and we will handle the insurance company for you. We specialize in helping Atlanta homeowners to get exactly what they need to get a new roof. For Atlanta roofers who mean business, Call (404) 941-0005. For questions or comments please contact us.